The Most Popular Coffee Menu in Cafes, Understand So You Don’t Order the Wrong One!

In recent years, many coffee shops have appeared in various regions, each with its own uniqueness and characteristics. If in the past coffee was synonymous with a drink that parents had to consume, now coffee has become a lifestyle that is loved by young people according to hobstoughton.

This phenomenon is certainly an opportunity for coffee business owners to try to create a variety of varied coffee menus. So, here are the ten most popular coffee menus in cafes that you should understand, so you don’t order the wrong thing. Listen, OK?

1. Espresso

Espresso is a type of pure coffee drink, because the manufacturing process does not use any mixture of ingredients, including sugar and milk. The taste and aroma of this coffee is very strong.

Judging from its texture, espresso coffee is dark black and there is white foam on the top which is formed from the oil in the coffee beans. The lowest in calories, espresso is usually served in a special 30 milliliter cup.

2. Cappuccino

Actually, cappuccino is a traditional Italian drink. Made from two main ingredient compositions in the form of textured milk and espresso with a 1:1 ratio.

This type of coffee is served in cups with a capacity of 88 milliliters to 177 milliliters. Then, add milk foam and chocolate powder to the top layer.

3. Lattes

Many people still cannot differentiate between latte and cappuccino coffee drinks. Even though the composition ratio of the mixture is different, even though the appearance is almost the same.

Latte is made from espresso and milk in a 2:1 ratio. The taste of latte type coffee drinks is also delicious and lighter. Latte type coffee drinks are served in cups with beautiful motifs on them which we know as latte art.

4. Macchiatos

Macchiato coffee drinks are divided into two, namely long macchiato and short macchiato. Long macchiato uses a double espresso composition, while short macchiato only uses a single shot macchiato.

So that the macchiato tastes delicious and just right, the ingredients needed are coffee and milk in a ratio of 4:1.

5. Americano

Another type of coffee drink that is similar to espresso, called americano. This drink is also known as long black.

Americano is obtained by diluting espresso using a ratio of two parts espresso and three parts water.

Still delicious served hot or cold, the americano consists of one shot of espresso poured into a 178 milliliter cup. Then, mix with hot or cold water until it fills the glass.

6. Mocha

Mocha is a type of coffee drink that comes from an area in Yemen called Moka. This coffee drink is also known as mochachino.

Mocha is made from a combination of chocolate, espresso and milk with a ratio of ⅕ milk, ⅖ chocolate and ⅖ espresso.

7. Frappe

Taken from Greek, frappe means iced coffee. This menu is a type of iced coffee drink covered in foam. Made from a mixture of instant coffee, water, sugar and ice cubes which are shaken or blended until it forms foam.