Various Types of Yoga for Body Conditions

Yoga is a physical activity that is effective at burning calories and can improve body posture but with not too high an intensity. To make the reaction more effective in your body, let’s first learn about the types of yoga and their respective benefits on the body!

Hatha Yoga

For those of you who are beginners, hatha yoga could be the right type of yoga to do. Hatha yoga movements can be different in each class, but in general hatha yoga movements tend to be slow and easy to follow, even for beginners. The focus is more on maintaining endurance and body balance to maintain basic yoga poses.


Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on breathing which continues from one movement to another. The movements that are often used in this type of yoga are chaturanga, upward facing dog, and downward facing dog. The fast movements make Vinyasa more suitable for those of you who are used to yoga before and want to try more dynamic yoga movements. For those of you who are new to yoga, Vinyasa can also be done as long as it is supervised by an instructor!


Have you ever heard of hot yoga? Bikram yoga is another name for this type of yoga! When doing Bikram yoga, you will be placed in a room with a temperature of 35-37 degrees Celsius! With the main focus on detoxification, Bikram not only uses room heat to make the body sweat, but also the movements in Bikram (26 sets of postures in one session) are considered effective for burning calories. In one Bikram yoga session, the calories burned can reach 500-600 calories, you know!

Power Yoga

Want to build muscle without having to lift weights? You can try power yoga! If in general yoga is aimed at relaxation so the movements tend to be slow and focus on breathing, then power yoga has movements with a fast tempo like aerobics! With movements that are a combination of ashtanga and hatha yoga, power yoga can provide the benefits of increasing stamina, flexing and shaping and strengthening muscles. Come on, try it!

Prenatal Yoga

Mothers who are pregnant will definitely be familiar with this type of yoga. Yes, prenatal yoga is yoga whose movements are specifically designed for pregnant women. This yoga is believed to be able to restore the stamina of expectant mothers who are often hit by fatigue due to hormonal changes. Movements commonly performed during prenatal yoga usually focus on breathing, pelvic area exercises, and restorative poses. Consult your doctor before starting prenatal yoga, and don’t forget to ask for assistance from an instructor so you don’t make any wrong movements according to click here!