The Best Bars in the World 2022, in Any Country?

The bar is a hangout area that is scattered in various corners of the world. Because of that, we named several bars as the best in the world based on several aspects. So, where are the locations of these bars? Come on, see the list please click here!

1. Paradiso

Paradiso is a Mediterranean-style bar with a unique menu. One dish that fits well with the bar’s theme is Mediterranean Treasure which is a blend of Ketel One vodka, smooth sherry macerated with oyster leaves, agave honey, coriander and eggs.

2. Tayēr + Elementary

Tayēr + Elementary was founded by Monica Berg and Alex Kratena in 2019. Their flagship menu is the One Sip Martini. The thing that is enough to draw attention from this bar is the way it is presented and its contemporary design.

3. Sips

Again Barcelona, Sips is the third best bar in the world. With a modern design, this bar has different vibes day and night. You will find areas with a green and pink pastel atmosphere during the day. Meanwhile at night, the lights will get dimmer and darker. If you visit, don’t miss the action of the bartenders when serving drinks!

4. Licoreria Limantour

Despite being fourth on this list, Licorería Limantour is the best bar in North America for the second year in a row. In a way, this bar is a complete package because it is open every day, efficient service, the best drinks, as well as having a great atmosphere.

5. Little Red Door

The hallmark of Little Red Door is the simple naming of the menu, for example Flourish and Carrot. There is no doubt about the taste. Plus, modern and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques have earned this bar the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2022.

6. Double Chicken Please

From the name alone, you know that Double Chicken Please has a menu made from chicken. Their go-to chef, Mark Chou, has likely come up with a conventional-style serving as he mixes a special chicken liver mousse, ruby port and coffee butter. However, make no mistake, customers will actually be fascinated by the taste that is created.

7. Two Schmuks

It’s no wonder that Barcelona is dubbed the world’s newest cocktail capital. The position of the seventh best bar in the world also comes from there, namely Two Schmuks which is nicknamed «the five-star dive bar». This place also has a good reputation in terms of service and drinks.

8. Connaught Bar

At the age of 15, Connaught Bar has become a standard bar in London hotels. The successful combination of classic and modern elements creates an elegant impression. Recently, the mainstay of the menu here is The Cloud Nine, a blend of bourbon, orange vermouth, pistachio, raspberry and foaming bitters.

9. Katanas Kittens

Even though it is located in New York, United States of America, this bar with a Japanese atmosphere still respects eastern culture. Visitors who stop by will be greeted warmly. The menu names also have Japanese elements. In addition, what makes this bar even more iconic is Masahiro Urushido, who is nicknamed the «delicious director».