5 Inspirations to Look Cool with Undercut Hairstyles

The undercut model has recently become a trend among men and has become a favorite. The undercut hairstyle is an evolution of the classic 1920s hairstyle. The undercut characteristic is a short and neat haircut on the side to the back, with varying lengths. So that it will make the hair have a gradation of short long haircuts.

The undercut model turns out to be varied with various styles. But many think, there is only one type of undercut. Even though there are many variations of undercut haircuts that you may not know about. Like the middle part, slick back, comb over and even the pompadour.

1. Faux Hawk Undercut

Reporting from halo chicago, the faux hawk model is synonymous with short top haircuts. This model to style hair to the top to make it look towering. The faux hawk undercut model will suit even straight or curly hair. For curly hair, you can choose the top hair that is cut longer. But if you feel uncomfortable with long hair, short cuts can be an option.

The faux hawk undercut model is widely used by world footballers, because it looks cool even without styling. In order not to be boring, you can choose to give texture to your hair with coloring techniques. You can choose a light brown color variation, the benefit is that the haircut can emphasize the face.

2. Medium Undercut

If you don’t like short undercuts, you can choose a medium undercut. Thick medium haircuts will look neat with additional undercuts on the side of the hair. Even though the haircut model is longer, it won’t make your head feel hot. Because the undercut model on the side will make hair limp and loss free.

This medium undercut hairstyle can be styled in various styles. You only need to use gel or pomade to shape your hair. Hair can be slicked back with a sleek impression to make it look cool. But if you’re lazy, as an alternative, you can let your hair look messy.

3. Quiff Undercut

The quiff undercut seems to be suitable for those of you who want to look neat while at work. just need to use hair gel and comb the hair to the back. Appearance will look deep and cool when it comes to the office. The advantage of the quiff undercut, this model is suitable for various hair types. From straight to curly, so you don’t have to worry about bouncy hair.

Although at first glance the quiff undercut model looks like a pompadour. But these two hairstyles are actually very different. The quiff model tends to look more natural than the pompadour. The quiff style only needs to use a blow dryer or use wax to shape the hair.

4. Undercut Pompadour

Pompadour undercut can be a solution for those who have thin hair. The Pompadour model will make the hair lift up, thus giving the impression of volume. This model will also make you look very classic but still contemporary. The undercut pompadour model itself can actually fit a variety of situations.

Another plus, the undercut pompadour model will be easy to style with various styles. You can choose various styles such as side swept hair, wavy hair and even messy hair. The style can be adjusted to the mood or event to be attended.

5. Slick Back Undercut

Slick back undercut is a hairstyle that will make you look classic. The main key to the slick back undercut is the top hair that is still left long. While on the side cut as thin as possible.

Slick back undercut will make hair look wet and glossy. Hair with this model is usually combed straight to the back, but you can also comb it to the side. You can choose to use gel or pomade, then comb your hair with a dense comb. As a result, the appearance will look more manly and masculine.