Best Japanese Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta

Japanese cuisine is famous for its extraordinary delicious taste. Fresh ingredients combined with special techniques form the delicacy of Japanese food. The oriental authenticity of Japanese food is always favored by many people. This is what makes Japanese restaurants quite popular and easy to find in Jakarta. You don’t need to spend time looking for a list of recommendations for the best Japanese cuisine restaurants. We’ve rounded up a few places that serve Japanese food to check out when you’re craving Japanese food. follow us for more

1. Sushi Hiro

There must be a reason there are lines at a restaurant. That’s what often happens with Sushi Hiro. Its authentic food always invites customers to come. Sushi will taste better when you eat it in a place with a good atmosphere. This place has a Zen concept where there are warm lights and wooden furniture which gives the best ambiance for dining. Despite the name, they serve not only sushi, but also other dishes like Agemono, Teriyaki, Noodles, Donburi, Temaki, etc. So, you don’t need to worry if you come with friends who have different tastes. Also, don’t forget to order the unique sushi ladder menu, guaranteed you won’t regret it.

2. Shaburi & Kintan Buffet

Famous for premium Japanese BBQ, Shaburi & Kintan Buffet is here with the aim of presenting dishes that can make you feel happy. Here, you can get a BBQ experience in a classy environment. They have a buffet concept and can eat all you want. They also serve high quality meat and other Japanese food at affordable prices. An occasional Japanese-style food feast can’t hurt. You can also choose the course you like and enjoy it in your own way, more like a DIY concept. For the sauce, you can choose made from this restaurant or even make it yourself. There is no need to question the quality because the fresh meat is specially selected by meat specialists.

3. Pepper Lunch

As a fast food restaurant with a DIY concept, Pepper Lunch is the perfect choice when you feel bored with the monotony of fast food. This restaurant can be found almost everywhere in Jakarta. The menu ranges from Steaks, Pasta, Curry Rice, and last but not least, the signature Pepper Rice. Make a dish according to your wishes based on the ingredients that Pepper Lunch provides on a hotplate. You can also directly mix and match the ingredients with the existing sauce.