Most Popular Mexican Food in Indonesia

Lately, Mexican food is getting more and more popular in Indonesia. The taste is similar to Indonesian food which is rich in spices and spicy, so it is easily accepted by Indonesian tongues. From its appearance it is appetizing. The delicacy does not need to be questioned anymore. Of the many Mexican dishes in Indonesia, here are some of the most popular. Check it out, have you ever tasted any of them! follow us for more


The people of Mexico make avocado into a soft and tasty sauce. The soft texture gives a different sensation when eating it. Avocados in general are often used to make salads, sandwich fillings or juices, in the hands of the Mexican community they are used to make unique and delicious sauces.

For those of you who want to make guacamole, the first step you have to do is puree the avocado, after the avocado is smooth, the second step is to mix lemon juice or lime juice. Guacamole sauce is usually accompanied by typical Mexican food.

Naked Burritos

Chile burrito is a typical Mexican food. Actually, this food is the same as burritos in general, the difference lies in the way it is served, which does not use tortilla shells. Many people think that this type of food does not originate from Mexico because Mexican people always use tortilla shells as their main ingredient.

Even though you don’t use tortilla shells in making naked burritos, you don’t need to worry about the taste because this food tastes almost the same as a burrito in general. Naked burritos were made to make things easier for someone who doesn’t like tasting burritos.


Taquito is food from Mexico that you must try when you stop in Mexico. At first glance, this food is very similar to the typical spring rolls from Semarang. These taquitos are usually called rolled tacos or flautas which means golden tacos made from tortilla bread.

How to make it using the basic ingredients of tortilla bread and filled with beef, cheese or chicken pieces and then rolled, after being rolled and then fried until it turns golden brown. As a complement, taquito is usually served with a sauce made from sour cream and guacamole.

Mole pablano

The next typical Mexican food is mole pablano. This food is made from 20 ingredients, one of which is pepper and chocolate. The name mole is actually taken from the name of the sauce that is often served with Mexican food. Mole pablano is usually served at weddings, birthdays, Christmas and baptisms, this mole pablano is served with turkey meat.


From the name alone is already beautiful let alone taste. Camita is a food that is actually similar to a sandwich. This Mexican specialty uses bread rolls and is served with fresh sliced avocado, meat, white cheese, onions, papalo herbs and red salsa roja. Guaranteed this typical Mexican food will not disappoint the tongue of the connoisseur.