5 Typical Chinese New Year Foods that are Thick with Various Meanings

Can’t believe Chinese New Year is coming soon. This year the Chinese New Year celebration falls in January, on the 22nd to be precise. Well, usually the houses will be decorated with various red decorations, as well as special Chinese food will fill the guests’ table.

However, did you know? In the past, Chinese New Year was celebrated by farmers as a form of gratitude for the changing seasons, namely from winter to spring. In addition, Chinese people will usually celebrate Chinese New Year for fifteen days by visiting family and relatives. Then on the fifteenth day it ends with the Cap Go Meh celebration.

1. Mandarin Oranges, which are the most popular Chinese New Year food

For the Chinese, serving oranges on Chinese New Year symbolizes good luck, prosperity and longevity. Oranges are also always a mandatory food in Chinese New Year celebrations. Even family and friends will give each other orange gifts as a form of hope in this new year.

2. Nian Gao the Basket Cake

The meaning of nian gao is actually a new year’s cake. However, in Indonesian we usually call it a basket cake. Made from glutinous rice flour and sugar, this food symbolizes prosperity.

The mention of Nian Gao in Chinese at first glance sounds like “getting taller from year to year”. Interestingly, after fifteen days of Chinese New Year celebrations, nian gao can only be fried. Usually they will make fried kue basket using onions and batter it with flour

3. Sweets, Children’s Favorite Chinese New Year Food

This one food is sure to be invaded by children. Starting from candied fruit, to candy, these foods usually attract a lot of attention from the guests who come. Sweets on Chinese New Year symbolize a sweeter life this year. Wow, I hope that’s the case, friends.

4. Yee Sang Presented as a Symbol of Various Hopes

Often referred to as yusheng or yuu sahng, this food is usually used as a prosperity toss. Usually there will be a procession when this food is served, introducing each composition and its meaning which is the hope for the new year. After that, one family will stand in a circle and take the yee sang using chopsticks. They should hold it high as a form of hope for a better year.

5. Fish Dishes That Bring Abundant Prosperity

The next dish that is often presented is fish. In Mandarin, fish and «abundance» have the same pronunciation. So, it is hoped that in the new year the whole family will receive abundant prosperity and prosperity and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by click here