Get to Know More About Synthetic Cannabis or Better Known as Sinte

Get to Know More About Synthetic Cannabis (mixture) or Better Known as Sinte, There are many types of drugs that are often used by drug abusers. Starting from the types of drugs that come from nature such as marijuana, cocaine, opium and so on.

In addition to drugs originating from nature, it turns out that there are also types of drugs derived from chemicals and are usually referred to as synthetic narcotics. Among them is synthetic tobacco / cannabis.

Even though it has been banned because it is a type of illegal drug, drug abusers ignore this. Consuming drugs is a daily meal that actually threatens them.

Solutions for Marijuana or Sinte Addiction

Quoting from marijuana is a different type of drug but both have hallucinogenic effects, dangerous to the physical and mental conditions of its users. If you continue to consume it will cause addictive effects, this will continue if not stopped.

Addiction problems are the most serious stage of drug abuse because they consume them too often, so don’t ever take this as a trivial matter. If it is not treated immediately, it will have dangerous effects, because the effect of marijuana gives hallucinogens and makes the abuser do things that are very detrimental to himself or those around him.

To help family members recover from drug addiction problems, you should immediately contact Ashefa Griya Pusaka to get the right rehabilitation program.

The right rehab has a clear program for your recovery. Drug rehabilitation is one of the most appropriate ways to save victims of abusers from the effects of dependence and the dangers of the addictive substances they consume.

What is cannabis at a glance?

This time we will discuss about what is cannabis, derived from a plant with the Latin name Cannabis Sativa. It has 100 different chemicals, often referred to as cannabinoids. Each chemical ingredient has different side effects on the body of the abuser.

The chemicals Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD) are those that are often used in the medical world for treatment. Please note, side effects can cause drunkenness or high.

Cannabinoid compounds are naturally produced by the human body, their function is to regulate concentration, appetite, pain, body movement and other sensory sensations. However, the cannabinoids produced from the effects of cannabis can cause very serious side effects if misused.

Abuse of cannabis is highly discouraged. If anyone offers immediately refuse firmly! Also know that marijuana itself has other names or different names depending on the type, including grass, marijuana, weed, tea, pot, mary jane, hemp, hashis, charas, bhang, cimeng, sinte, gorilla tobacco. Cannabis leaves come from the cannabis sativa plant which is commonly used as medicine, but is often abused and eventually causes addictive effects. Cannabis itself is not included in the tree category, easy planting makes many people abuse this plant.